05 ноември 2015

Church choir, bake sale

Чарли си е Чарли, дори когато става въпрос за църковен хор и курабийки.

Charlie: - So how do you and Donna know each other?
Linda: - Oh, well, we met in the church choir.
Dona: - We found our kids were in the same preschool.
Linda: - Next thing, we're on the carnival committee, doing the bake sale. Which reminds me, I'm supposed to be snack mom next Tuesday. Can you switch?.
Dona: - No problem.
Linda: - Thanks.
Charlie: - I got nothing.
Alan: - Hey, hey. Why don't we order some drinks?.
Dona: - Just iced tea for me.
Linda: - Me too.
Alan: - Charlie, you want iced tea?.
Charlie: - Why on Earth would I want iced tea?.
Alan: - Because you don't drink alcohol during the daytime.
Charlie: - Oh, right, of course not. Iced tea, rocks, water back.
Alan: - Excuse me, miss?.
Weitress: - Yes, can I help ... Charlie?
Charlie: - Oh, hey.
Weitress: - Hi. How come you never called me?
Charlie: - Well... Funny story... Long story... Tell you later. Can we get four iced teas, please?.
Weitress: - I'll be right back.
Linda: - Old friend?
Charlie: - Yeah ... you know, church choir, bake sale. You may not wanna drink the iced tea.

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