13 февруари 2013

Развод ми дай

Все съм чувал за оригинални предложения за брак, ама за развод за пръв път (пу-пу-пу) виждам. 

We met when we were young 
Got married by 21

It was lots of fun 
But now I wanna get a divorce

You’re always smoking weed, and playing Nintendo Wii,

You always miss when you pee, so now I want to get a divorce.
You used to gaze into my eyes and tell me I was the best

But now you’ll stare at anything with ( ) breast 
So guess what:Now you can stare at my lawyer
Cause you’re broke broke broke broke broke 
And you snore snore snore snore snore 
And when you went to Vegas I know that you screwed this whore. 
(no I didn’t) 
You’ve been cheatin’ on me 
(I haven’t) 
So I packed up all your things 
Even your Star Wars figurines 
Cause now I wanna get a divorce 
I found porn on your laptop ( ) barely of age 
You’re always poking on girlfriends on your Facebook page 
But guess what
It turns out I can poke too 
I sleep with him and him and him 
And him and them and her 
Your brothers Tim and Dean 
And this basketball team 
So bye bye bye bye bye 
Don’t cry cry cry cry cry 
Don’t worry about the kids cause they are really not yours
(What, hey, is she for real, where’re we going?)

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